Structured Finance



Structured Finance provides creative and innovative financial solutions that enable commercial and tax-exempt property owners to acquire energy efficiency improvements as well as renewable energy generation. By providing cost-effective and flexible financing solutions we are able to help our clients achieve their goals of quantifiable increases in cash flow, job creation as well as environmental preservation.

Structured Finance Associates was formed in early 2009 with the purpose of providing financing for alternative energy sources to be installed on commercial properties.

The Cleantech Group and Deloitte were quoted in the January 6, 2010 edition of the New York Times stating that some $5.6 billion was invested in clean tech companies in 2009. $1.2 billion of the total $5.6 billion was invested in solar related companies. The price per watt for solar power has fallen by 50% in 2009 to approximately $3.50 per watt. This compares to $100 per watt in 1955 and $50 per watt in 1980. With new private sector and governmental funding we expect the cost per watt to continue to drop from present levels and be competitive with conventional sources of electricity. Structured Finance is confident that Moore’s Law will take hold of the solar industry.

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